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Wooden flooring on board boats

Made in Italy wood floor on board boats all over the world

After the birth in 2005 and the success in the field of supply and installation of wooden flooring, Living Parquets develops in Italy and abroad also in the naval sector.

Large cruise ships and yachts are part of a particularly demanding sector that requires maximum precision and attention to detail. Refined and high quality products are the minimum requirements in the luxury ship sector.

Precisely for this reason we offer a complete service from design to installation to guarantee a 100% Italian and quality product.

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy for a high quality floor

Our artisan heart has allowed us to deal with the management of customized and tailor-made wooden floors, which are mainly required on board shipbuilding, with extreme skill.

On board these boats we create extremely accurate parquet floors with precise inlays in the most varied types of wood from the classic Oak, Teak or Walnut to the most sought-after types of wood such as Ovangkol or Guatambù to meet the needs of the customer.

We carry out Made in Italy wooden flooring on board boats all over the world.

Certified products and respect for health

All the products we use during installation on board, from adhesives to paints, are fully certified and suitable for use in the naval sector. Always reliable materials to safeguard the safety of both our customers and our employees.

The surfaces of our wooden floors are treated with certified finishing products suitable for high traffic, suitable for public environments subject to continuous foot traffic. We guarantee maximum resistance of our parquet and practicality for their maintenance.

We carry out restorations and renovations of existing wooden floors, even on board boats of any kind, thanks to our state-of-the-art professional machinery and our team of specialized installers.


After each work performed, whether it is installation or restoration, on board your boat we recommend which products are most suitable for proper wood maintenance. We create and lay wood flooring for boats both in Italy and abroad and we are ready to provide you with our advice for any need.

Contact us for more information or for a quote and if you want, come and visit us in our showroom.

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The health of our customers and our employees is an essential element of our work. Over the years, we have always selected the best raw materials and high quality products used for laying, especially in solvent-free glues. All this testifies to the great respect and attention we reserve for the environment, nature and man.


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